ITSTH is a developer of system tools and communication software. The current developer portfolio contains 31 programs. The most popular software is Easy2Sync for Outlook with 4 installations on Windows PC.

Kuhlenstr. 62, Mulheim an der Ruhr, 45468, Germany
Thomas Holz (

Best software by ITSTH

Easy2Sync for Outlook
An app that syncs Outlook between multiple computers, automatically.
What's my computer doing
Useful small application to find out which processes are running on your PC.
1-Click Duplicate Delete for Outlook
This program is a nice Outlook utility created by ITSTH.

Popular programs by ITSTH

1-Click Duplicate Delete for Files
It is an application which allows you to remove duplicated files.
Easy2Sync for Files
It helps you synchronize files and folders in various locations.
Zero Click Spellchecker
It automatically corrects your language mistakes when you type.
This is an application designed to synchronize the files between two computers.
Outlook plug-in developed by ITSTH.

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